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Friday, July 13, 2018

Photography for fifteen years in New York

Photography for fifteen years in New York
Photography for fifteen years in New York

The celebration of fifteen years traditionally is celebrated in Latin America, or the sweet sixteen in the United States, represents an important event since we can assure that it is the first party of a girl in which it will be a new stage in its life. It is a social initiation party since the quinceanera or the girl who turns sixteen is presented to society, demonstrating with pride and emotion the passage from girl to woman.

In some countries, it is customary to hold a celebration that includes religious ceremony, in others only the festival held in a space intended for such a celebration. Also depending on the customs of the organizers, the celebration begins from very early, with the well-known "Serenade", at the home of the birthday girl, where they are present in the place mariachis or trios of musicians dedicating the songs according to the event as for example " Las mañanitas "," Paso de Niña a Mujer "etc.

The parents, relatives or organizers of the event, usually invest a lot of economic resources, especially if the girl is the only daughter, all with the firm intention that she has the best party. Arrangements, decoration, chosen place for the celebration, are some of the resources to take into account when making the investment. In the same way it can not miss the photographers who will be the ones who have the responsibility to immortalize the event with their portraits.

Depending on the photographic house, photographic sessions are held before, during and after the celebration, including previous days that represent a preparation for what will be the central day in which the photographer must demonstrate all his talent to obtain the best and original captures that will revive emotions.

Artview Studios, offers its photographic and video services to the entire city of New York, with professionals of great experience that turn any event into a memorable event.

We offer photography and professional video, short biographical videos to share on social networks, longer videos to keep on your computer, pendrive or any storage device and remember when you want. High quality and full color images with packages that fit your pocket.

If you are organizing a party of fifteen years, sweet sixteen or any other event, do not hesitate to contact us and receive more complete information with the best prices.


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