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Friday, October 20, 2017

Photos for First Communion

Photos by First Communion
Photo For First Communion

It is a religious act that Catholic Christians receive, as the second sacrament after baptism, marking their beginning to the active life of a Catholic, since for the first time they receive the Body of Christ under the appearances of bread and wine. It is received by children between the ages of 9 and 11 as they are considered to be capable of understanding the meaning of this great act of faith.

It usually takes place in the church and then some family members hold a family reception in the name of the communicating cousin, which is organized by the parents or relatives close to the child. It is moving when parents express the excitement they feel when they see their children while passing through their minds: time, "it is nine years" since I first saw him and today they are receiving this special sacrament, in a moment that in some way represents the culminating stage of his life as children.
Prior to the day, the preparation of the event and the child is carried out with the main objective that everything comes out as expected, including dress, shoes, food, decoration, place or party room, accessory souvenirs without missing what will mark the unforgettable memory forever: The photographs. Family members may have their cameras or devices for that purpose, others go to a professional service so they only have to worry about attending to the guests.
That is why Artview Studios is here, so you can rest assured that you will have a memory for the story of the day when your son or relative first received the Body and Blood of Christ. With impeccable, colorful and high quality works where you can share with the world if you wish through social networks, have a privileged space in your home or store it in physical or digital album, it is a matter of your requirements and we we adapt.
Our photographs can be from before the religious ceremony, making a small photo report, or in the church where we will capture the most important moments of the ceremony and not to mention the celebration, we take care of the smallest detail so that everything goes better than planned. We make the necessary adjustments, different sizes, musical backgrounds, and complete post-production service.


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