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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Photography fashion events and footbridge

Photography fashion events and footbridge in New York
Photography fashion events and footbridge in New York

A fashion show is the theatrical staging of the idea or concept that the designer develops in his collection. Fashion photography is one of the most popular genres in the photographic world. It is based on showing fashion items such as clothing, cosmetics or accessories in the most creative and effective way to be able to sell that product and give recognition to your brand. To achieve this last task, you must have experience, equipment and a good location among other things, since not everyone is able to practice this activity.  At Artview Studios, our photographers demonstrate their talent and creativity in this type of work, while mastering the techniques of photography and lighting as they have the experience to experience color temperatures, ambience, lighting, poses of models and everything related to the world of fashion and catwalk. Each area of ​​the photograph is interesting for the lens of our team, and in fashion it is not different. Our photographers, once at the place where the event takes place, put all the feeling possible. We work for modeling agencies, magazines, brands, etc. In fashion photography we transform our images into history, where each model is a character that will transmit what we want to sell. If you have a fashion firm and you still do not have a professional photographer, contact us and get to know our excellent works.


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