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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Golden Wedding in New york

Golden Wedding in New york
Golden Wedding in New york

The golden wedding refers to the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of a married couple. Not everyone reaches this level of conjugal life, so many decide to celebrate this event in style. People who have lived together for half a century have shown mutual love, respect, trust and fidelity. Like all others, they will have overcome difficulties, challenges and many moments of joy. In certain cultures, there is a tradition in which new alliances are exchanged in the golden wedding, and the rings of the first wedding are given to the grandchildren as a family heirloom. Some decide to hold a small family reunion at home or in a restaurant, but others decide to make it a little bigger in a party room. What they do have in common is that it is generally considered a family event. Some couples also decide to renew their vows, making a second marriage, more symbolic than the previous one. With regard to the guests, usually the family and the closest are those who attend the event although sometimes they invite friends from childhood or some in particular. It is valid to celebrate this celebration in a key place, such as the place where they met. A good idea in the context of celebrating 50 years of marriage, is to make a special video detailing the photographs of the most important moments of the birthday, their commitment, marriage, pregnancy, birth of the first baby and many other events experienced. For the couple. Undoubtedly, it is a detail that will touch the heart not only of the couple but also of their family and friends. Artview Studios offers you a compilation of those moments accompanied by a musical background about the history of your life during that period of time you have lived together. And to remember it more real, nothing better than to record a video that stores the whole celebration, which without a doubt is worth remembering forever. We carry out extraordinary photographic and video works with the quality that our clients deserve at the best price, always adjusted to the requirements and pocket of our clients. Post-production service, music, setting, consultancy in the decoration and organization of the event. Videography, HD format, custom album, standard, and much more, just contact us and we will expand the information.


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