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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Family Photography

Family Photography
Family Photography

The family is the first school of human social virtues that all societies need. Through it, people are introduced to civil society. It implies a deep internal unity of two human groups: parents and children that are based on the man-woman unit. The family is the greatest treasure we have, and as we grow we can get away from it because of different aspects of our lives as individuals. Every May 15 International Family Day is celebrated, an appropriate day to celebrate it in the best way, to share together as a family, to perform some activity and why not, take a photo session so that it remains in the memory of all forever, for that you have Artview Studios, we have for you a family gift that you will not forget and want to repeat more often. We have different packages available for each client, in different styles and sizes, and a special version for you to share on social networks and through mobile devices. We are experts in capturing every gesture, every look, every expression shown by our clients demonstrating the sincere love they feel towards their loved ones. Before we start, we give you the best advice, so that photography lasts over time, and the key is to wear classic clothes, and not fashionable clothes at that time, as what would be nice to see today, tomorrow could mean the disaster and the ridicule of other people. We also advise you to wear light clothing so that the result is as clean as possible We will take care of every detail so that everything goes well and, of course, the lighting is not the exception, but that will always be controlled, so do not worry. In addition, we propose that you can carry out any activity during the session, be it running, a game, etc., so that the photo looks very natural and not the usual static photo to which we are accustomed. The important thing is that you relax, converse with us and with your family previous moments so everything will flow spontaneously. It can be in your home, or in the environment that you prefer, as well as in our studios. We are totally open to ideas or suggestions, that you consider to carry out our work and thus adapt to your requirements. We will do our best to have the best photographs that make you relive that special day, then you will select the 50 best photographs, and finally make the necessary adjustments. We will expand this information once you contact us.


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