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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Photography for plays in New York

Photos for plays in New York
Photos for plays in New York

A play is a literary form usually constituted by dialogues between characters with a certain order. He has several dramatic genres among them: comedy, melodrama, farce, tragicomedy, as well as the musical genre such as ballet, dance, opera, as long as a dramatized action appears in them. Photography for plays applies to a press article, to mean only presentation, or simply the public wants to keep moments of it. in these circumstances, that is to say, in this scenario the taking of photography becomes complex due to unfavorable conditions for those who take them, lighting, ambience, place for shots, etc. The photographer does not have control over the lighting since it is predesigned by the director of the work. The photographer uses his techniques to manage the camera and produce certain lighting effects, that is, with few resources he must have the skills to be able to do his job in the best possible way. Despite all these obstacles, at Artview Studios, we have a highly qualified team of professionals to perform this type of work, delivering optimal results and quality even in the poorest conditions. we have the right tools so that your plays can be played by our lens in the best possible way. We conducted preliminary analyzes to instantly locate strategic places to take high-profile photographs without interrupting the connection between the audience and the actor. If you are a theater director, editor, or just an amateur and want to get the best pictures in complex situations, do not hesitate to contact us.


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