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Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography
Landscape Photography

The landscape has been one of the engines of the evolution of the history of photography. The oldest photographic view of which we are aware turns out to be a rural landscape that Nicéphore Niepce bequeathed to us in his View from the window at Gras, 1826. Urban view or natural view the pioneers documented the social development of our communities from those dead landscapes , where nobody seemed to inhabit, realizing the technical limitations of the time.

These photographic proposals followed others where the poles of realism and idealism, again and again, alternated their influence. This led to a sifted landscape through the formal experiences of the avant-garde or the demonstrations of Ansel Adams' middle rule. The modern vision of space finds its precedents in the History of photography, but especially in the change to the postmodernity offered by the contributions of William Eggleston, especially with its use of color and its concern to transfer the photographic attention to that none- place-in-particular of which so much have drunk the diverse batches of the European artists of the New Topography, during the years 1980 and 1990.

As in painting, in photography, landscapes have been a constant theme throughout history. Landscapes are an inanimate, static and affordable photographic subject. In addition, they can present different faces because the same landscape can be different depending on the time of year, the time that makes, the angle from which we photograph it and the frame that we choose.

In landscape photography we find various styles framed in descriptive, impressionistic and abstract modalities. Let's briefly define each of them:

Romantic style: it usually introduces a certain amount of blur and a backlight.

Descriptive style: The most outstanding of this type of photography is a careful composition and extreme attention to detail.

Graphic / abstract style: It consists of extracting the graphic essence of a scene in the best possible way.

Environmental style: It appears as a method of protest against the degradation of the environment due to pollution.

Controlled Style: Landscapes are usually photographed in natural light. In this style, they are usually photographed illuminated with artificial light so that most of the time the night is taken.

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