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Curiosities about the wedding dress.

Curiosities about the wedding dress.
Curiosities about the wedding dress.

The wedding is a commitment of love and life between two people, but it is also a set of traditions and preparations before and after the celebration. It is a balance between myths and legends, which have been respected for many generations, and that serve to wish good luck to the couple in the future; some are based on valid reasons, others are simple superstitions or popular beliefs.

Although all predict to be non-superstitious, almost all couples respect traditions as if they were an integral part of the ritual, to prevent things from going wrong by not respecting or not believing in the power of some legends. Then  Artview Studios, will present some curiosities about the costumes worn by the wedding couple:

The bride can not wear pearls because they are synonymous with crystallized tears that turn into trouble and sadness in married life.

The veil represents the youth and purity that the boyfriend will discover in a short time. In some religious ceremonies the veil is also a symbol of respect.

Removing and throwing pins from the bride's dress takes away bad luck.

With regard to the groom has to wear the tie always straight, never crooked, because it is a symbol of future infidelity.

Another widespread custom but without a precise reason is to combine the tie of the groom's suits with the gown of the godmother or the flowers of the bride. The color of the groom's tie has to be combined with his hair, his eyes, his skin or he has to follow his personal style.

Giving shoes to the groom before the wedding is like wishing you use them to escape and disappear. The couple's shoes have to be new, because they must be soft and fit the feet: as they have to do in the married life.
The bride does not have to make the bed the day of the wedding, because it is something that has to do the mother or the mother-in-law.

Lending the wedding dress to a friend will bring you trouble and bad luck. In fine many are the curiosities about this sacred sacrament, full of myths and legends, that many believe and others do not. The fact is that if you intend to celebrate your wedding and you do not have a photographer, contact  Artview Studios, experts in photography and video for different events, and in this case one of the most important in the life of the human being, your wedding. We have the best deals and unique promotions with high quality images and our videos with HD technology.

Article written, taken from: Melissa Nuccio (s.f.).
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