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While looking for New York photography, you should make sure that you are dealing with a professional photographer from Artview Studios based on his work and reviews but not on the common factors that people normally consider.

Professional photography is mostly unregulated, and even the membership of any organization is just based on the membership fee. Even if the membership shows that a person is a business minded enough, it does not measure the creativity of a photographer.
Experience:  the experience of a photographer is good, but it means little if the photographer is not driven by a desire of evolving or challenging himself.  Some photographers may have more than 20 years in the industry, but in the end, they have little to show for it.
Portfolio:  photographers display the best portfolio with the suggestions that when you hire such photographers, your photos will look like these of portfolio.  However, keep in mind that photos on photographer’s portfolio are a selected work and sometime he may not be the one to take these pictures.

Formal qualification: there are some photographers who are passionate, ambitious and young who teach themselves to take creative pictures. You should not consider a New York photographer because he has degrees in photography.  Do not be tempted by a flashy marketing picture from a photographer to think that your photos will look like them.


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